About Us

Reinventing Time-honoured Goodness

Kedai Ubat Dong Foong  Dong Foong was founded in 1978 by Mr. Kong Siew Soong and his wife Madam Kuan Sooi Yong, who are Chinese physicians respected in the Kajang community for their expertise in formulating traditional remedies for various ailments. In 2005, their son Jeff Kong joined them in their lifelong devotion to healing the sick. Harnessing Jeff's know-how in pharmaceutics, the family began to formulate remedies based on Eastern prescriptions and Western pharmacology, and manufacture herbal products, healthcare supplements and functional food products.

       Today, Dong Foong is manufacturing and marketing more than 50 traditional Chinese medicines, Western medicines and healthcare supplements. Equipped with advanced equipment, our manufacturing plant adheres to Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and Hazard Analysis by Critical Control Points (HACCP), and above all, our products are certified HALAL by JAKIM. 

A Compassionate Heart of Restoring Health

Dong Foong founders, Mr. Kong Siew Soong and Madam Kuan Sooi Yong graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in 1966 during the era of economic recession. The situation left Mr. Kong Siew Soong with no choice but to work several unrelated jobs while Madam Kuan Sooi Yong worked as a temporary teacher in a primary school to earn their living.

At the beginning of 1970s, not too long after Malaysia had gain independence from the British colonial government, the living conditions of Chinese in new villages were hard. Medical treatment was often unavailable when people fell ill. Impelled by the dire environment of the time, Madam Kuan Sooi Yong inspired to be a 'barefoot doctor'. With a heart of compassion, she travelled from village to village around Kajang town, providing free healthcare to the needy.

On 1 April 1978, Madam Kuan Sooi Yong and her husband founded Dong Foong Traditional Chinese Medicine shop to continue serving the community with their years of clinical experience and practice. For the past 40 years, Dong Foong has been steadfast in upholding the tenet of its founder to 'serve the community wholeheartedly'.

Our Leaders

Traditional Chinese Physician Specialising in Women's Health 

With a heart of compassion, a pair of healing hands and a devotion in applying natural nutrition to help women maintain their well-being, Kuan Sooi Yong is still practising Traditional Chinese Medicine and treating patients at the advanced age of 70 with thousands of successful cases attributed to her expertise.

Pharmaceutical Expert

Jeff Kong takes on the mantle of healing the sick with the gifts of nature, harnessing the rigorous pharmaceutical technology of Western medicine without using chemical additives to forge a distinguished brand in Chinese therapeutic delicacy for prenatal care.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

At Dong Foong, we have high expectations for ourselves. We expect our products to be of outstanding quality, free from misinformation as well as aggressive advertising, but thrive on good word of mouth. As distance tests a horse's strength, so does time reveal a person's real character. We believe that dedication and continuous self-improvement in serving the society will ultimately win us the praises and recognitions we deserve. Our team upholds this philosophy steadfastly ― we do not adopt opportunistic or superficial approach in everything we do. Instead, we a take purposeful stride toward our goals and take pride in our achievements and being an esteemed member of Dong Foong.