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Go! No.5 COCO Peanut Butter


Dong Foong 1978’s Go! Peanut Butter is made with only peanuts and nothing else. Dig in and enjoy the rich intense flavour of natural peanuts.


• No Added Sugar
• No Salt
• No Vegetable Oils
• No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
• Dairy, Gluten and Cholesterol Free
• High Protein

Your perfect companion for:

• Pre or Post Workout
• Going Keto
• Having a Low Carb Healthy Fat Diet
• Going Vegan
• Intermittent Fasting
• Your Weight Loss Journey


Peanuts, coco powder



Yin Yang of peanut butter:

According to Chinese philosophy, everything has an existence in physical form and manifests both Yin and Yang characteristics.

Yin-yang is equivalent to “dark-bright” where Yin represents cold, stillness, and passiveness, darkness while Yang represents warmth, positive, optimistic and light.

The concept is useful to understand and diagnose the illness and applied to provide a balance between the Yin and Yang of the body.

Many people have the concept that consuming salad is good for our body as raw foods provide different enzymes.

However, if people over-consuming of raw foods, for example, raw vegetables, raw fruits, can have the drawback to their health. These raw foods are categorized as “cold” food and under Yin in Chinese philosophy. There are a few advantages of eating raw food for an example the enzymes can be retained in the food as no cooking process needed that will denature the enzyme of food. Besides, those raw foods are avoided from being processing and therefore no nutrients will lose. However, there are also some disadvantages of eating raw food as it may contain harmful bacteria and can increase the risk of getting the food-borne disease or food poisoning. Also, in the case of raw vegetables, people may suffer from digestive problems raw vegetables contain a high amount of insoluble fiber and digestion take a longer time. This may lead to constipation if the person does not drink enough water to digest the food. In fact, overconsuming this raw food will damage the spleen (yin) which is an important organ located near the digestive tract and work with the stomach (yang) and pancreas function in digestion and proper absorption of food.

To avoid the Yang deficiency and spleen damaging, there are foods or nutrition that can relieve the condition and the most common example is peanut butter (Yang). It is one of the popular food pastes and has high nutritional value. From the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, peanut has the function of invigorating spleen, nourish stomach, invigorate vital energy, promote the recovery of kidney urination function and also detoxification, It can be consumed with bread, cakes, and of course with salad to give a healthy body with the balance of Yin and Yang aspects. Natural peanut butter which is: no added sugar, no salt, emulsifier, and stabilizer are good for health.

In summary, all the food must be taken in good proportion and not over-consuming can ensure Yin-Yang aspects are balanced and provide a healthy state of the body. Any deficiency of one aspects will arise some health issues or illnesses. Therefore, the principle of Yin-Yang is a crucial concept to allow people to consume food with the proper knowledge to maintain good health.

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